Saturday, February 16, 2013

[Lolitatronic] maybe lolitatronic is possible ;)

So ... long time no post ;) Because inspiration was gone ;(

But one day i was wondering on robotshop and bam. I found little vibrating motors and flexinol muscle and i said HO MY GOD :)

I tried to do a puppet with servo and string like in a classical puppet but doesn't work before. But this time maybe it will be ok.

What you see on the picture is :
- on the left is a paper prototype with an iron chest where the linear micro switcher will be
- on the  red RAC you do not see it but it is here a flexinol muscle that have 4% of linear movement and that is the key of the puppet
- the black hair girl is the result of a patplume modeling latex mold so it is empty and light exactly what we need for flexinol muscle
- then a sketch of how many moves are possible
- and an other with the 3*9 linear actionner and the two point of 5mm where the 50 micron flexinol plus latex will be
- on the right are the possible design of the carrier robot. Because lolitatronic is like sumomo just 15cm in height so you can't put power, arduino and else in it. In lolitatronic there will be just linear actionner 3 or 4 micro motors and that will be enought to fill the whole thing :) And there will be a wire to the carrier robot that contain power, computer board, servo and arduino.

On the arduino we will use pwn with mosfet to go to the switcher.

The first test and the big part will be the switcher thing without it we will be able to do just 13 movements, that is good but not too much. To begin we will try to do a one pwn wire on arduino that go to a linear 3 positions switcher to activate an arm. The switcher building is a work in progress. It is kind of simple but not so easy ;)

So will continue learn flexinol muscle and try to build the 3 positions switch maybe it will work ;)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

[Sketch Lolita] A doodling test sketch of a posed girl named patricia...

So more life drawing from a nude model picture. No girl wanna pose for me now... Too bad for me but good for the girl !

Training my tablet. That is a long time didn't used gimp. I still have a lot of trouble with brush thing. Messing with pixels, no good i think.

Need to pratice the drawing tutorial from chaos and evolutions open content dvd. I will ;)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

[Sketch Lolita] it is so easy to draw a pinup ...

Sketch pencil and paper 20 minutes

So i was flipping the book "je dessine des pin-up" from T. BEAUDENON : really good artist and book ;)

In the book it is so easy, you draw some lines, you have the cute pose, you add details, you add volume (nearly that) and ta da dammmmm : FINISH !

You got the cutest pinup ever ;0)

And when you try to do it ... you think : one more piece of crap, keep training ... that is the game...

So what are the problems... The pose is strange, eyes (are thoses really eyes ?), hair (what is that mess ?), arms (oh my god what are thoses supposed to be), hands (abstract ? no... a little hummm !), upper body do not fit the pose and in all case do not talk about feet geometry....

Conclusion : More praticing needed and when you are a beginner and you do anatomy drawing... listen to me... never ever do it without reference picture or photo otherwise the result will be ... special... let is go for special...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[Sketch Random] Traped by a face blaaaaaaa !

So i was training my pencil value drawing lines... And i try a sketch that give me that strange girl face (not lolita like at all...).

Then i really do not know what happen all those distorsions are... interesting ?

!!!! What a piece of crap !!! Soooooooo sssssssssaaaaaaddddddd !!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[Lolitatronic] To start a good looking design !

So i was playing with modeling paste until i get something cute ;)
- i get latex and make a mold before my creation vanish. (it is the brown thing on the creepy cam pics quality sorry !)
- i filled the mold with injected resin (not a good idea but i had no plaster so ... it is the yellow thing)
- then i said nice shape but how i will color that ?
- i made a sketch
- i take a creepy cam pic
- launch my GNU/Gimp draw outline, put color.
- But she is naked ! So i added some clothes ;)

Hope to use it to do a small latex doll, a plush doll... and later a lolitatronic ;)

[Lolitatronic] The born of a lolitatronic

So i was browsing on the internet looking for some dream ;0)

But i found no affordable robot girl, except Chii. That is interesting !

I was looking for a device that could add value to lolita3dbot. And that is the idea !

Instead of buying a computer, can i get a persocom for the same price ? Yes we can build a lolitatronic ! There are other projects like rooxy, real doll, project aiko ... but all those thing cost so much and you can't really rent them ;(

And what kind of lolitatronic can we build for the price of a pc ? Will see ;)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[Sketch Lolita] A doodling test sketch of a girl foot ...

That is an other long long time ;0) so ... I was on my deviant art account looking at my faves pictures (there is really amazing artists ! ). And i started a composite doddling of several pictures and i came with that ! Pencil and paper 30 minutes ! And geometry pussy problems ;0)

It doesn't look like anything but... i am still learning !